Monday, 4 March 2013

Back To Nude

I'm not really a nail polish connoisseur like some of you may well be and believe it or not this was the first nail polish I have ever purchased myself. Every other nail polish I own has either been given to me as a gift or I've borrowed from my mum or a friend. (Thinking about this now, should I even be a girl?) I hate putting nail polish on, I hate waiting for it to dry, I hate the fact I normally smudge it or I've painted half of my finger too... Nail polish just isn't for me really! I'd much rather pay to have acrylic nails put on and done by someone professionally then not have to worry about my nails for a few weeks until I have to pay for infills. 

When I last got my acrylics put on I found myself admiring the shade of the nail technicians own nails. After her telling me it was an 'Essie' product I thought I'd take a look to the brand's website and ended up purchasing this little number...

After a few seconds of shock at how many colours and shades Essie have to offer I went for 'Sand Tropez', which is basically one of those "greige" colours, a mix of grey and beige. Personally I think the colour leans slightly to the grey side. 

As you can see from the picture I've painted over my acrylics which made it slightly easier for me than if I was painting my own nails. At first I found the application at first a little streaky so I did have to let it dry and then add a second coat but overall I was very pleased with the coverage. 

I would most certainly choose an Essie polish again but I would go for a brighter colour as it's more my thing. Although will be revisiting this shade for those days when I don't want my nails to appear too 'loud' but still look acceptable. 

You can purchase this product from 

If any of you readers think there's a shade that is a must have please recommend it!